Tuesday, September 18, 2012

GLHS Student Section-PRIDE

“We had to enter the stadium on the track in front of your student section. They were great--class act!” –Upper Arlington Band Director
“This is, by far, the best student section I’ve seen!” -School Resource Officer, Dean Blamer
"The student section is awesome this year! These kids are doing a great job!" -Pastor Steve Resch
These are just a few examples of the positive comments I’ve received this year about the GLHS Student Section. The students' enthusiastic and spirited behavior has been exemplary of what we expect in terms of respecting yourselves, respecting others, and respecting the community. They do an outstanding job of cheering on the team in ways that are not demeaning to our opponent. They are well organized and come to the games ready to have fun, be the 12th man for the team, and to demonstrate the PRIDE of GLHS!
One of the coolest things to see is how responsive the entire student section is when the band performs at half time! The students don't move from their seats because they literally do not want to miss the show. Now, that's respect!
I also appreciate the way they have used the @GLHS_SS Twitter account in a responsible manner to create school spirit, organize the themes, and encourage student participation. I am so impressed and inspired by the students at GLHS! Thanks for giving us all something to believe in!
Be Great,
Mr. Carter

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