Thursday, September 20, 2012

An Invitation to Community University, 2012-2013

Twitter, Facebook, Prezi, Animoto, Keynote, Evernote, Instapaper, Google Docs…. Many of these words may sound familiar to you, but some may be extremely new. These words are free web-based tools that many teachers and students use on a consistent basis both in the classroom and in their personal lives. Learning is an ongoing process that is now enhanced by the use of technology. Technology is ever changing and schools have been grappling with ways to integrate it to make learning more engaging for students.
In our efforts to help familiarize you, the parents and guardians, with how we are using technology in the classrooms, we have created Community University. Community University is a list of technology workshops led by Gahanna staff members and/or some GLHS students on a monthly basis. I encourage you to join us one evening to learn how to use Twitter as a communication tool, learn more about privacy settings on Facebook, or learn what it means to be a responsible digital citizen, just to name a few of the workshops that are being offered.
Time is precious for everyone, so the workshops are only for one hour and will take place at GLHS Clark Hall rooms 221 or 222 or the GLHS Library. The schedule and location of workshops is as follows:
October 8, 2012-Digital Citizenship:Ones resume is not the only thing college admissions officers and employers look at anymore when selecting prospects. Now, they search Google. What will they see when your name or the name of your child is searched? Nearly all of us have a digital footprint, or a trail of what we post online. Come discuss how we can help our students be responsible digital citizens as they use more social media and other web based tools. This workshop is led by GLHS Principal, Dwight Carter and GLHS Work and Family Life teacher, Keah Germany in Clark 221. RSVP here by Friday, October 5th.

*October 29, 2012- Exploring the Night with through a Telescope: This workshop will take place from 8:00pm-9:30pm in the Clark Hall parking lot. Come view the moon, Jupiter, and the Pleaides. This workshop is led by GLHS Science teacher, Fred Donelson and students from the Space Tech class. RSVP here by Friday, October 26th.

November 5, 2012- The Ins and Outs of Google Docs: Come learn how to create collaborative documents, spreadsheets, surveys and presentations with this free web-based tool. This workshop is led by GLHS Librarian, Ann Gleek in Clark Hall 221.
RSVP here by Friday, November 2nd.

December 3, 2012- The world of Facebook: This workshop addresses the impact of Facebook and provides a clear understanding of how to identify and apply Facebook's basic, advanced, and hidden settings. It's led by GLHS Orchestra teacher, Kevin Dengel in Clark 221. RSVP here by Friday, November 30th.

February 4, 2013-
iPads 101: There is an app for that! Come learn the basics of operating your iPad and learn about some new apps to enhance your iPad experience. This workshop is led by GLHS Librarian, Ann Gleek in the GLHS Library. RSVP here by Friday, February 1st.

iPad 102: “Next step” tips and apps for those who are comfortable with the basics and looking to do more with an iPad. This workshop is led by Lincoln Elementary Principal, Jim Miccuilla in the GLHS Library. RSVP here by Friday, February 1st.

March 4, 2013-
Twitter 101: Come learn the what, why, and how of Twitter and the implications for real time communication about school activities, etc. This workshop is led by GLHS Math teacher, Tia Holliman and GLHS Principal, Dwight Carter in Clark 221. RSVP here by Friday, March 1st.

PowerPoint and Alternatives to PowerPoint: Come learn how to create engaging presentations using PowerPoint and several free web based presentation tools like Glogster, and Animoto. You’ll leave with ways to take your presentations to a new level. This workshop is led by GLHS Dean of Curriculum, Brooke Menduni and Math teacher, Tia Holliman in Clark 222. RSVP here by Friday, March 1st.

April 1, 2013-
Movie Maker and Alternatives to Movie Maker: Learn the basics of Movie Maker in order to create lasting memories of trips, vacations, etc. But, you will also be exposed to free web based tools to create stunning movies that will wow family, friends, and co-workers. This workshop is led by GLHS Librarian, Ann Gleek, and English teacher, Danielle Morrison in Clark 221. RSVP here by Friday, March 29th.

Microsoft Excel: Learn the basics of Excel to help you organize personal and professional information, etc. This workshop is led by Technology and Business teacher, Jamie Campbell in Clark 222. RSVP here by Friday, March 29th.

May 6, 2013- TBD in Clark 221

You can attend as many workshops as you like and bring a friend!

Be Great,


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

GLHS Student Section-PRIDE

“We had to enter the stadium on the track in front of your student section. They were great--class act!” –Upper Arlington Band Director
“This is, by far, the best student section I’ve seen!” -School Resource Officer, Dean Blamer
"The student section is awesome this year! These kids are doing a great job!" -Pastor Steve Resch
These are just a few examples of the positive comments I’ve received this year about the GLHS Student Section. The students' enthusiastic and spirited behavior has been exemplary of what we expect in terms of respecting yourselves, respecting others, and respecting the community. They do an outstanding job of cheering on the team in ways that are not demeaning to our opponent. They are well organized and come to the games ready to have fun, be the 12th man for the team, and to demonstrate the PRIDE of GLHS!
One of the coolest things to see is how responsive the entire student section is when the band performs at half time! The students don't move from their seats because they literally do not want to miss the show. Now, that's respect!
I also appreciate the way they have used the @GLHS_SS Twitter account in a responsible manner to create school spirit, organize the themes, and encourage student participation. I am so impressed and inspired by the students at GLHS! Thanks for giving us all something to believe in!
Be Great,
Mr. Carter

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Upcoming College Fair

Upcoming College Fair for College Bound Students
Guidance Department Chairperson, Mrs. Jenny Savakinas, put together the following message about an important upcoming college fair.
College Bound Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores
The Suburban College Fair will be this Sunday, September 16th from 1:00-3:30pm at the Otterbein University Westerville/Clements Center. Over 225 college admissions staff will be there to answer your questions about their college/university. Over 4,000 people attend this Central Ohio College fair. For those seniors that need to do some last minute shopping please take advantage of this exceptional opportunity. Juniors and sophomores can actively begin their college search. Click here for a flyer about the event.
The registration deadline of September 21st is soon approaching to take the ACT on October 27. Go to to get registered. We would also advise you to sign up for the optional writing portion of this test. This date is especially important for the SENIORS.
JUNIORS should sign up for the ACT in February/April or June 2013. Most students will take this test 2 or 3 times and colleges will look at the highest score. Juniors should absorb much of their junior year classes before signing up for this test. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s guidance counselor:
Ms. Susan Moore A-CO and juniors at the Career Centers
Mr. Jim Lewis CP-HI and seniors at the Career Centers
Mrs. Melissa Monning HJ-MI
Mrs. Jenny Savakinas MJ-SC
Mr. Bernie Hahn SD-Z
Until next time…
Be Great,