Monday, March 5, 2012

Ohio Graduation Test

The Ohio Graduation Test will be given to all sophomores during the week of March 12-16, 2012 at GLHS. We want our sophomores to have a quiet and relaxed testing atmosphere, so we are asking that our freshmen, juniors, and seniors arrive at school at 10:25 instead of the normal 7:35 start time. All sophomores will begin testing at 7:35, so they need to be here at the normal time. All buses will run on their regular schedule. All freshmen, juniors, and seniors who normally ride the bus may still do so at their normal time, but we are asking that if they ride the bus that they attend a supervised study hall in the cafeteria from 7:35 AM to 10:15 AM.  Below is the testing schedule and bell schedule for the week. It’s important that students who are not testing behave in a positive manner as they are representative of GLHS throughout the community. If your child is not testing, please talk with him/her about using this time to review, complete, or get ahead on any upcoming projects, papers, presentations, or assignments. One of our strands in our Graduate Profile is for our students to be a Responsible Community Member and this is the perfect opportunity for them to demonstrate this.

A great deal of work has gone into helping our sophomores prepare for this test, and I am confident that they will do well. To show our appreciation to our sophomores for their effort, we have taken a number of steps. First, the students will be assigned to classrooms for their testing; they will not be tested in the cafeteria or auditorium. This will allow for a more relaxed environment. Also, we are going to provide free breakfast foods, juice, and milk to our students each morning before they take the test. Any sophomore may visit the cafeteria from 7:05 AM to 7:25 AM to enjoy a free breakfast provided by our PTO.
In addition, sophomore students who are present for all 5 tests will be treated to a lunch picnic, complete with music and grilled hot dogs and hamburgers on Wednesday, May 30th! Students who score in the Accelerated (429-447) or Advanced (448-541) categories will have a chance to win an on-campus parking permit. A total of five on-campus parking permits will be given way. Students who score in the Proficient category (400-428) will have a chance to win an off-campus parking permit. A total of three off-campus parking permits will be given away, which will take place in the fall. The state and federal governments are asking that all schools have high participation rates, and it’s important for our students to be here. I am proud of our students and teachers and their efforts.

Be Great,


                                                  OGT TESTING SCHEDULE

WEEK OF MARCH 12, 2012

MONDAY, 3/12              READING
TUESDAY, 3/13             MATH
THURSDAY, 3/15          SCIENCE
FRIDAY, 3/16                 SOCIAL STUDIES

                                                             LHS OGT BELL SCHEDULE

Warning Bell                                     7:25
Testing                                              7:30 – 10:25
1st       Period                                      10:33 – 10:58
2nd    Period                                      11:04 – 11:29
3rd       Period                                     11:35 – 12:00
4th     Period                                      12:06 – 12:36
5th    Period                                       12:42 – 1:12
6th    Period                                       1:18  – 1:48
7th    Period                                       1:54  – 2:19
8th    Period                                       2:25  – 2:50

This is the schedule for OGT testing the week of March 12, 2012.  The testing period is two hours and fifty-five minutes. Each period has been adjusted to twenty-five minutes except lunch periods which are thirty minutes.

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