Saturday, January 14, 2012

Join Us!

Social Media has increasingly become a part of our culture and has raised expectations when it comes to communication. Many organizations use Twitter and Facebook to communicate with, connect to, and engage their audience. Many of you use Facebook to connect with family and friends both in and out of state. Our students are more connected than ever through the use of social media and I feel it’s our responsibility as adults to teach them and model for them responsible use of these tools. I also believe we can use social media to effectively and efficiently communicate with you events and positive stories about GLHS. 
GLHS now has a Facebook page and I encourage you to “like” us so that you can get updates about school events, stories about creative and innovative lessons, student/staff success stories, and general education related information. Click here to view the official Gahanna Lincoln High School Lions page and remember to “like” us! 
I also encourage you to follow us on Twitter for real time updates about GLHS. This gives us the chance to engage our community even more and to positively promote the great things that go on at GLHS. I understand if you are apprehensive because I was too. However, I took the chance to learn more about it and how to use it. Through Twitter, my Professional Learning Network has expanded to include educators from all over the world! As adults, we have to model what it means to be a lifelong learner and Twitter is a way to do it. So, follow us on Twitter! Our user name is @GLHSLions.  
Click here to read the latest newsletter and review some of the events from second quarter. Until next time...
Be Great,